Harlandy is a kingdom on the Northwestern coast of Altena. Characterized by cool tempertaures, moist climate, and isolationist policies.


Before Harlandy, the Northwest was ruled by a series of primarily human city-states. These city states were conquered, one by one, by the Warmage Markus Ollander. He used a concetrated army of Wizards, Sorcerers, Battlemages, and Magical Rangers to bring the cities under his banner. He named the united states Harlandy, and declared himself King. During his reign, Markus had a beautiful throne carved from Tundra-Marble, a magic rock found in the cold wastes North of Harlandy. Before he died, he poured all of his magic, all of his power, into the throne. The throne has been the seat of Harlandy’s power, and the throne of Markus the Conquerer’s descendants ever since.

Markus also created throne scars. These scars are passed on whenever a member of Harlandy’s royal family spills the blood of another. In this way, Markus ensured that there was a way to continue linieage if there was no heir. The idea behind throne scars was that monarchs should be merciful; if everyone whom the royal family has ever harmed is in the line of succession, it will limit the monarch’s use of force.


For the past fifty years, Harlandy has been engaged in civil war. After the disappearance of King Harald the Wise, Harlandy’s Army seized power in the capital through a bloody coup d’etat. A collection of loyalists, royalists, pacifists, and malcontents formed the Wise Rebellion, named in honour of the lost king.

While the Army has won most major battles in the civil war, the Rebels still hold control in the cities of Volendam, Morelli, and Saelen. The Rebels also have secret strongholds throughout rural Harlandy.

The Wise Rebellion had been searching for King Harald the Wise since the beginning of the Rebellion. However, it was recently discovered that the King had been assassinated during the coup d’etat, and the Army had merely spread the story that the King had fled. Curently, Boris Kastov (King Harald’s assassin) is first in line to the throne.


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