Humans are a resourceful and adaptable race. Although they are found more commonly in Western Altena, they have spread to nearly every corner of the continent. Aurus, an Elvish scholar, wrote the following regarding humans,

“Dwarves have mountains and Elves have forests. Gnomes have the fairy lands, Halflings have caravans and family houses. The Orcs have the islands, and the seas, and their ships. Yet humans have only one true domain; they yearn for the endless horizon.”

Humans, more than any other species, desire adventure. Some attribute this to their relatively short lives. With so few years, it is reasonable that they want to see the world. This is reflected in the religion of their Goddess, Ally.

Humans reach adulthood around 20 years old. They tend to live between 75 and 90 years. However, some humans, especially those who study magic or the divinities, can live much longer.


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