Session 1

Our intrepid heroes, Belle, Runhom, and Fiver are called back to the Wise Rebellion’s main camp. Belle and Runhom had been retrieving supplies, while Fiver had been using his powers to run supplies between the main camp and the besieged city of Volendam.

They are sent out on a mission to the southern border of Harlandy by Three, leader of the Rebellion. The rebellion has just uncovered a new lead on the possible wherabouts of King Harald the Wise. Fiver is displeased by this turn of events, as he is a staunch anti-monarchist. However, he is tasked with meeting two sell-swords at a pub on the border.

The party sets out from the camp southwards, stopping for the night in Morelli. They continue southwards, and apart from a road partol stopping them near Chovat, they reach their destination without too much difficulty.

While Fiver tries to convince the sell-swords why they should join the Rebellion, Belle and Runhom do some investigating. They discover that a reclusive man has used his wealth to build himself a nice estate in the countryside, and bought the silence of the locals. Furthermore, he is approximately the right age to be King Harald. However, after breaking into the estate, They realize that the rich recluse has been murdered, and is not the king. Runhom makes the best of a bad situation by burglerizng the mansion. Belle, a Loyalist, is disappointed.

However, her disappointment will have to wait. The Baron is hot on the trail of the recluse’s murderer as well. The murderer in question (a rather ragged, old man) stumbles into the bar where Fiver is slowly convincing the sell-swords to join the Rebels. However, the Sell-swords get spooked when the Baron and his retinue burst in the door. The Baron’s men seize the murderer, kill the sell-swords, and take Belle and Fiver into custody. Runhom slips away into the night.

Belle, Fiver, and the ragged murderer are being driven northward in a prison wagon. However, Runhom (Rogue extraordinaire) begins picking the lock of their door. Meanwhile, the ragged murderer realizes that Belle and Fiver are members of the Rebellion. After giving them two parting stabs, he flees out the newly opened door.

Our party is injured, wanted, and lost. They flee for the nearest shelter they can find: the Halfling Village of Chovat. An old Halfling gives them shelter and blankets for the night. They rest uneasily, knowing the army could return at any second.

Session 1

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